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Acquiring the 3rd eye of visual art & creativity approach, through an enjoyable life-changing experience. This course focuses on developing the participants' art perception, visual vocabulary & senses awareness.


In photography & other visual art forms, we refer to the range of light & dark within either neutrals or colors as Tones. Understanding histogram values & dynamic ranges are essential to deliver the intended impact. 

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​​We all take photos for different reasons. This practical course is designed to comprehensively introduce you to the Art of photography: Mastering the essential tools, understanding photo composition & critique.

Creativity Stimulators.JPG

We were born creative, full stop. Our ability to create new ideas was turned down by a 6-sided box, which became stronger by time. This workshop is about how to stimulate & restore back our innovative & creative mind.

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Photo-editing course.jpg

I believe that photo-editing is a practical skill, that can be acquired only by hands -on practical training. This Photo-editing course for photographers includes  enhancement, retouching & photo manipulation.

Product Workshop.png

The out-standing photo does sell. In this workshop we will practice how to create beautiful setup, revise camera adjustments and different light scenarios, needed to become a professional product photographer.

Color Perception.jpg

This 3-days workshop is designed to understand the meanings and philosophy of colors, how to control color aspects and utilize color schemes for better perception, great impact, and different life uses.

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Fashion Workshop.jpg

Whether you are an advanced amateur, or pursuing a career in professional fashion photography, this workshop will definitely give you a great insight into the fascinating world of people & fashion photography.

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