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Understanding Tones Seminar

In photography & other visual art forms, we refer to the range of light & dark within either neutrals or colors as Tones. Understanding histogram values & dynamic ranges are essential to deliver the intended impact. 

Forms available: Life & Online (soon)


- Duration: 1 day

- Who to attend: 14 years old & above. Photographers & visual artists who are interested to understand tones more deeply.

- Requirements: Nothing

- Content: Tonal values: Their meanings & impact on visuals. Tonal contrast & the wide range of grays. Understanding & achieving the intended Dynamic Range. All about histogram.

- TestimonialsWhat they have said about it:

“With his knowledge that I did not reach an end for, his trained eyes, his perfectionism, and dedication to his work, Mohamed becomes a reference of photography for us when we are exhausted and reaching the end of our limits and knowledge.” - Hany Abdien

“From his passion, skills & amiable personality, I learned from Mohamed Ismail how to respect a photograph.” - Mohamed Tarief

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