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Color Perception Workshop

This 3-days workshop is designed to understand the meanings and philosophy of colors, how to control color aspects and utilize color schemes for better perception, great impact, and different life uses.

Forms available: Life & Online (soon)


- Duration: 3 days

- Who to attend: 14 years old & above.

- RequirementsAll materials are provided by trainer.

- Content: Horizontal & vertical color meanings, color wheel & aspects, color schemes, impact on ourselfs & places, and different life uses.

- TestimonialsWhat they have said about it:


"The workshop was more than I have expected, I feel I see the world with different eyes now”- Ghada El Sharawy

“I am over the moon, driving back home seeing all the colors as if I see them for the first time”- Maisara Salah

“Heaaay colors.. I found out that you have a great impact on my happiness & sadness, people & places, I am so happy I got to know you better”- Manar El Yamany

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