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Photography Course

We all take photos for different reasons. This comprehensively practical course is designed to introduce you to the Art of photography: Mastering the essential tools, understanding composition & photo critique.

Forms available: Life & Online (soon)


- Duration: 8 days

- Who to attend: 14 years old & above. For beginners & intermediate.

- RequirementsAny camera

- Content: Snap-shooting vs photography. The 5 essential differences between camera & human vision. Camera stability techniques. History & painting with light. Composition elements & Impact. Cameras & lenses: types & parts. Camera adjustments: focus, exposure, motion control, DOF & white Balance. Photo critique & evaluation. Outdoor practical sessions.

- TestimonialsWhat they have said about it:


"There was a dynamic change in my photos after that course. The trainer, definitely, has the talent to approach his students and transmit the knowledge in a very friendly atmosphere.” - Hany Zaki


“The perfect capsule needed for beginners, tackling all vague issues to them, and sincere effort is obviously exerted from the training team.” - Maha Nagaty

“I really enjoyed the course, added a lot of knowledge to me. I was just taking photos, now I know how to make great photos.” - Sherif Mohamed

“M. Ismail has approached, opened and enlightened those dark closed rooms in our mind from the right angle through his simple professional and outstanding style, patience and flexibility, above all his dedication & passion to this art" - Rania El Maghraby

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