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Creativity Approach Workshop

We were born creative, full stop. Our ability to create new ideas was turned down by a 6-sided box, which became stronger by time. This workshop is about how to stimulate & restore back our innovative & creative mind.

Forms available: Life & Online (soon)


- Duration: 3 days

- Who to attend: 14 years old & above.

- RequirementsComfy clothes.

- Content: Human-perception map. The 6-sided box; creativity inhibitors. Imagination techniques, inspirational exercises & senses-meditation.

- TestimonialsWhat they have said about it:

“Thank you for bringing the child inside us back. Life won’t be the same again, things are totally have different dimensions” - M. Aboustait

“It was an extra ordinary inspiring experience of digging deep inside myself to discover sun leach the passionate artist I never knew  that it was always their. I don’t know enough words in the dictionary to describe how grateful I’m.” - Heba Zayed

“After 17 years, my age, I decided to get out of the box. Now I see everything clearly, I took off the black out of my brain and my whole senses.” - Melad Naweel

“This experience uncovers a whole lot of unseen beauty in ourselves & environment. I am blessed to have been mentored by Mohamed Ismail, a very talented & inspiring person. A person I do respect very mush, thank you for a joyful experience.” - Huda Younis

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