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Photo-editing Course

I believe that photo-editing is a practical skill, that can be acquired only by hands -on practical training. This Photo-editing course for photographers includes enhancement, retouching & photo manipulation.

Forms available: Life & Online (soon)


- Duration: 8 days

- Who to attend: 14 years old & above. For beginners & intermediate.

- RequirementsLaptop with photoshop-CS6 or above installed, 30-days trial version will be provided.

- Content: Total of 32 Hands-on practical training sessions. Preparing photoshop workspace & menus. Mastering tools, moods, layers, filters & masks. Understand print & online file extensions, sizes & resolutions. Photo enhancement: Alignment, distortion, cropping, tonal levels, histogram, & color balance. Photo retouching: Removing distractions, deformities, & filling gaps. Utilizing raw files & HDR (high dynamic range) techniques.

- TestimonialsWhat they have said about it:


"This practical course has definitely widened my photography insight, through providing a logical sequence to the artistic editing process.” - Mohamed Rabie


“It’s a very useful course, I learned a lot of things in a very easy way” - Radwa El Qabbany

“Not only I know how to use photoshop tools now, but also I see photos differently. A very interesting course, and a great trainer” - Salma Naguib

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