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Interior Photography

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Interior designer is a person who creates a 3-D space with a certain mood and impact. Interior photographer is the one who creates the 2-D visual of that experience, converting it into an eye-catching photograph.

Elements of interior includes lines, spacing, perspective & colors. The role of the photographer, is to turn these elements into a strong and attracting visual message, using matching, yet innovative, different light scenarios.

Utilizing lines in the scene, will help directing the viewer towards the key element in the photograph, achieving a strong composition. Lines, themselves, also represent different meanings that we can use; curved lines, for example, indicate beauty, whereas horizontal lines suggest stability and tranquillity.

In order to keep the intended mood in unity, we should also be aware of the impact of different color schemes; adding unnecessary red object into a bluish composition, not only will distract attention, but will also create a feeling of annoying clash. Analogous color schemes, on the other hand, are suitable when we want a mood of continuity or harmony.

By manipulating visual perspective and choosing a proper angle of view, we can alter relative sizes & positions of objects, creating a more attracting interior photograph.

Photography isolation techniques, such as depth of field, framing, or contrast are additional ways to achieve simplicity. We should think of each shot as a quote, adding an extra word or missing another may alter the meaning. Better keep it short and simple.

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