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Visual Vocabulary Online Course

For Photographer, designers & visual Artists

Acquiring the 3rd eye of photography & visual art, through an enjoyable experience.  This course focuses on developing the participants' art perception, visual vocabulary & critique.


- Duration: 16 Videos + 4 Zoom meetings + 1 one-one final evaluation mentoring  

- Who to attend: 16 years old & above. Art enthusiasts, photographers, graphic & interior designers, students, and whoever wants to develop visual art perception & creativity approach. Whether new comers, amateurs or professionals.

- Requirements:  Access to the Internet and the Zoom App, using a computer or tablet with sound and a microphone to participate in classes.

- Content:  

          Visual art perception

          Camera vs human vision

          Establishing your concept

          Understanding feeling of unity

          Emphasizing center of interest

          Observing subject placement

          Make use of lines & shapes

          Utilizing impact of tones

          Textures & patterns

          Color perception & impact

          Avoiding the 3 types of mergers

          Making use of visual perspective

          Maintaining visual balance


          Utilizing guidelines

          Visual evaluation & critique

- TestimonialsWhat they have said about it:


"It's one of the best courses I ever took. I started seeing life with a different understanding, even my writing abilities are changing, and life becomes more colorful. This course changed my whole life"- Marwa Nabil

"His course was a turning point in my life. Mohamed is one of those who can turn a moment into a beautiful visual experience, and the way he conducts his courses is as beautiful, simple, fun, and comprehensive as he is."- Hala Eldemerdash

"Now, I see and hear colors. Music is in everything. A whole brand new world, with a whole brand new perspective. Art of Seeing is just a kind of magic.” - Maha Mobarak

"Inside all of us, there is an amazing creative spirit. It is just waiting there to be unleashed, nurtured and encouraged to blossom. Art of Seeing goes beyond a course designed to deliver the concept of visual vocabulary and how to use it; it is an extraordinary experience that provides you with the tools to truly understand & discover your 5 senses through seeing people, figures, colours and everything around you in a way that you have never seen before."- Hala Saeed

Visual Vocabulary Course


By Mohamed Ismail


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Lesson 01: Art Perception

Lesson 01: Art Perception

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